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Linden Grove School does not have transportation services; however, there are methods other than parent/guardian drop off and pick up. We have provided a list of resources to help parents/guardians connect with a service that may help fit their needs through their home district, carpool, or van service. 

For transportation resources in Cincinnati, Ohio, for your elementary-aged child with autism, there are a few options you can consider:

1. **Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center**: This center provides a range of resources for families of children with special healthcare needs. While they primarily focus on medical transportation, they might be able to offer guidance or referrals for transportation to and from private schools. You can reach out to the Family Resource Center at Cincinnati Children's for assistance and information on local resources. They can be contacted at 513-636-5009 or

2. **Transport Services at Cincinnati Children's**: They have a specialized pediatric transport team that is available 24 hours a day for transporting critically ill newborns and injured children by ambulance or air. This service is more focused on medical transport between hospitals, but they might provide useful information or referrals for your needs. For more information or to schedule a transport, you can contact their Dispatch Center at 513-636-7126 or 1-877-258-6416.

3. **External Resources**: Cincinnati Children's Hospital also lists additional resources for medical transportation, which might be helpful in your case or could offer further guidance. Some of these resources include Catch-A-Ride by LifeTime in Indiana, Cincinnati Medical Transport, First Care, Go Metro Access Program, and Meda-Care Transportation. Each of these services has different scopes and might be able to accommodate your specific needs or guide you to the right service.

It's advisable to contact these services directly to discuss your specific requirements and find out if they can provide the transportation assistance you need for your child's commute to private school. Additionally, they might be able to direct you to other local resources or programs that can help.