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District Transportation

As a student at a chartered, nonpublic school, your child may be entitled to transportation from your school district. Linden Grove School provides our school schedule to all districts in the Greater Cincinnati area so that they may develop transportation plans.
Public school districts are required to provide transportation for all students whose home school (where they would attend if not at LGS) is within 30 minutes of Linden Grove School. Please note, this is timed in a school bus during school transportation hours, so it is not optimal traffic conditions. If your district states that your home school is more than 30 minutes from Linden Grove School and you do not believe this to be correct, you can request a transportation time study through the district or the Ohio Department of Education. 
In some circumstances, the public school district may determine that it is impractical to transport your child, even if you meet the above criteria. In those cases, they are required to offer payment in lieu of transportation. 
Mediation can occur, and Linden Grove School representatives are able to help you.
To find out if your student can receive transportation for your public school district, contact your district’s Department of Transportation.

Important Note:
This transportation is separate and unrelated to special transportation as listed on your student’s IEP. The district is not required to provide special transportation, such as an aide if you have chosen to use the Autism or Jon Peterson Scholarship. They are still required to provide regular transportation, assuming you meet the requirements above.

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