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From Our Parents

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"From the custodian to the principal, everyone involved in LGS cares about my child. It's one of the only places my child is excited to go.”

2-4 Team Parent, 4th year


“We are floored by the small class sizes, the fact that the school is actually teaching and pushing my child, and all members of the staff seem to know my child! ”

2-4 Team Parent, 1st year


"Choosing to send my son to LGS was one of the best things I could do to help with his development and education. I no longer have to fight in the IEP meetings to have an accurate description of my child and his abilities. LGS knows my son as well as I do and that helps alleviate the crushing weight I feel on my heart every day because I no longer feel alone in my journey to help my child become the best man he can be."

6-8 Team Parent, 4th Year

"Linden Grove has truly changed our lives. We went from feeling lost in the school system to feeling supported and heard. The teachers and staff are kind, understanding and flexible. We did not think that success like this was possible for our son. We will forever be grateful for what Linden Grove has done for our family."

K-2 Team Parent, 1st Year


"This one works! "The way Linden Grove School supports kids and is flexible to their individual needs is far above anything we've experienced at other schools. You really treat each child as an individual with specific and different needs, and the results are speaking for themselves with how the kids are learning to regulate themselves both in and out of school!"

4-6 & 6-8 Team Parent, 1st Year


"Everybody working there learns, cares, and stays - you don't see that combination very often."

K-2 Team Parent, 1st Year